Univision Comunications

Photo: The Running Publicist.

In January of 2013 my roots in communication began with running and maintaining the studio floor, both on and off camera at Univision’s affiliate in San Antonio, KWEX-41, as a member of the Emmy Award winning project, Proyecto U.

As a reporting intern, work with the Spanish-speaking news and entertainment network saw the production of content for live broadcasts including filming and producing on-air packages for pre-taped and live broadcasts, sound booth and audio engineering, networking, script writing and studio floor management.

The experience of building a foundation with media has allowed me to develop my sixth sense for storytelling. I think like a publicist, I always picture myself as a viewer and I understand what the media is looking for. Finding the middle point between the three has allowed me to successfully secure coverage on projects post-KWEX. Muchas gracias, Univision; you were an incredible teacher!

Below is a clip of from one of the “Proyecto U” broadcasts.

Video: David Romo.