Calvin Klein: A House Full of Popcorn


Have you ever felt that feeling when you absolutely know you’ll never repeat an experience ever again? I can almost bet my life that I’ll never be surrounded again by three semi-trailers worth of popcorn. If you think I’m wrong and can think of another instance when I will be, please hit me up; we need to chat.


For the 2018 fall/winter season I joined the Bureau Betak team as a freelance production assistant that saw me enter a post-apocalyptic world on 70’s Americana also known as Calvin Klein by Raf Simons. I’ve worked well over 100 shows throughout the years but this one was definitely in a league of its own. I still have popcorn kernels stuck in my shoes. While the work was all the same as in any other production, the vibe was definitely surreal and I credit that to Raf’s vision. It’s often said that a great organization is run by a great head and you can definitely see that he’s creatively running CK, reinvigorating it with the dose of B-12 we didn’t know the brand needed. Western wear was modern and sleek and Mumford and Son’s sound of silence was uplifting; for not making any sense everything perfectly gelled and made sense.


If you want to see something you’ve never seen, I definitely encourage you to check out the clip below and see how fun a red barn can be.

Video courtesy of FF Channel.

PS – This all happened inside of the New York Stock Exchange. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

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Four Bad PR practices seen at NYFW and how to avoid them

New York Fashion Week may now be a memory as London takes center stage but its memories will live on, at least until February when they will become outdated and new runways, collections and faces will impress the fashion illuminati. I’m fortunate enough to return to Fashion Week for a third season as a production assistant. What do I do as a PA? I’m pretty much the glue that helps take a vision from idea to execution. That can be a variety of things from organizing seating, working with PR with marketing deliverables and buying lists, taming the zoo that is backstage and putting out any fires that may break out during the show. If I could only tell you about the shit show that Fashion Istanbul was this season. Seventeen models for five designers for a 20-minute show; bad idea. What am I saying? Terrible idea! Beyond terrible! That was like giving a squadron one 18th century pistol for everyone to share. In what mind does that make sense? Whose fault was that? A very bad PR agency whose name will not be named, unless you direct message me on Twitter @TheRunPublicist. I’ll give you the scoop there.

Seeing such a bad production made me think of what was the difference between great fashion PR and the ‘bad, please do not repeat ever again’ PR.

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