3 Reasons Your PR Should Speak Español.

PR knows no borders, including those of language.


If you’re working on a national-headline news story, why not add Univision’s newscast to your outreach list? If lifestyle is the coverage you seek, don’t forget People en Español.


A 2015 study revealed that the United States now has more Spanish speakers than Spain and in the next 30 years, it will become the largest Spanish-speaking nation on Earth. Chances are that for every media outlet you have on your pitch list, there’s a Spanish-speaking counterpart that’s never heard from you.


Photos of serving as impromptu reporter for Univision while securing coverage for client.


Being originally from Texas, this was second-nature for me due to the bilingual nature of the region but after a few years of working in the Northeast I realized that not everyone is familiar with the US Hispanic market. Recently I penned my thoughts to PR Daily including three reasons your PR strategy should include Hispanic-target news media outlets. You can check out the original piece here.


1. The opportunities are huge.

The Hispanic market is often perceived as minor in mainstream media outlets, but the latest census indicates that one in every five U.S. residents is Hispanic. By 2050, that number is expected to become one in every three. PR is about getting ahead of the trends, so why not be proactive about reaching this demographic?


2. Hispanic media outlets in the U.S. work largely in English.

There’s a misconception that members of U.S. Spanish-speaking media outlets operate in Spanish, such as French radio in Bordeaux or Portuguese TV in Rio. Though local-based media outlets in Latin America often work primarily in Spanish, reporters in Hispanic U.S. news outlets often publish stories interchangeably in English and Spanish.


There are reporters and producers who prefer to be contacted in Spanish, but that should not deter PR pros from pitching them if they’re the right vessel for a story. Don’t be afraid to hit “send” on a pitch, regardless in which language it’s written. As Telemundo’s President Luis Silbawasser said at the 20th Latin American Conference in Boston, there’s a large demography in the U.S that work in English during the day but after work they live in Spanish at home. ‘Bilingual’ is the name of the game.


3. Hispanic media outlets reach far beyond the U.S.

A major bonus of Hispanic media outlets in the U.S. is that although publications and broadcasts physically operate in the U.S., their reach is borderless—often reaching the eyes of millions of Spanish people across the world. The same way a CNBC article might be relevant for readers in both the U.S. and Australia, a six-minute segment on Univision might be viewed by someone in Boston as well as a consumer in Buenos Aires.


Post-segment photos from Telemundo’s Un Nuevo Día set.

Not knowing Spanish or being familiar with Spanish-based media outlets is not an acceptable reason to neglect this growing list of media relations opportunities. The more you dabble in any media market, the better you can know its rules and guidelines.


If you’re a Spanish speaker it’s a no-brainer, but to PR pros with little-to-no Spanish language experience: Think back to your old foreign language courses. At first, it took hard work, but it came down to practice and persistence (in PR terms: following up). You probably know more than you think.

Calvin Klein: A House Full of Popcorn


Have you ever felt that feeling when you absolutely know you’ll never repeat an experience ever again? I can almost bet my life that I’ll never be surrounded again by three semi-trailers worth of popcorn. If you think I’m wrong and can think of another instance when I will be, please hit me up; we need to chat.


For the 2018 fall/winter season I joined the Bureau Betak team as a freelance production assistant that saw me enter a post-apocalyptic world on 70’s Americana also known as Calvin Klein by Raf Simons. I’ve worked well over 100 shows throughout the years but this one was definitely in a league of its own. I still have popcorn kernels stuck in my shoes. While the work was all the same as in any other production, the vibe was definitely surreal and I credit that to Raf’s vision. It’s often said that a great organization is run by a great head and you can definitely see that he’s creatively running CK, reinvigorating it with the dose of B-12 we didn’t know the brand needed. Western wear was modern and sleek and Mumford and Son’s sound of silence was uplifting; for not making any sense everything perfectly gelled and made sense.


If you want to see something you’ve never seen, I definitely encourage you to check out the clip below and see how fun a red barn can be.

Video courtesy of FF Channel.

PS – This all happened inside of the New York Stock Exchange. Makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

All photos are property of The Running Publicist.

Follow your heart, even if you have to pay

I’ve always been a believer of following your heart, from personal to professional, you’re never wrong if you’re true to yourself. At the start of the year I put this theory in action when I decided to enter the agency side of the PR world; a move that I constantly refer as to as one of my best. I’ve learned and grown so much since I transitioned; my brain is constantly fed with new-found wisdom and my heart smiles everyday as I journey into the office. I’m doing what I love but that move did not come without a price; $10,000 to be exact.

Switching jobs came with a pay cut, which for not one split second did I doubt. As a kid I was taught to dream and follow your passion and to not let money dictate your purpose. You can always go out and make some green when you need it but listening to that pulse within is the true compensation. Six months later I continue to stand by my decision. I recently spoke with CNBC to share my story. Below is an excerpt from my article.

Jon Salas, 28, recently took a big pay cut to leave the “cardboard dry culture” at a multinational human resources consulting firm where he felt isolated from bosses and colleagues. He accepted a job at a small public relations agency, where he could be heard by, and learn from, managers and different teams on a daily basis.

Screen Shot 2017-06-18 at 12.20.52 PM.png

“There wasn’t much opportunity for growth [at the previous employer]. The only way to go up was if someone left a position, and even then, you weren’t guaranteed the position,” said Salas, who now works as an assistant account executive at Hollywood PR in Boston, where the entire firm comes together every other week for strategy brainstorming sessions. Salas decided to take a $10,000 pay cut to go “where growth opportunities are available and attainable, and where the line of work fits into my overall long-term plans,” he said.

You can read the full piece titled “The new generation of employees would take less pay for these job perks,” on CNBC.com. Special thanks to Yahoo! for the additional pick up on this story, which catapulted the impression count to 5.265 Billion.

This week in PR: Canada wins U.S. election, fire to New Balance and Michelle 2020.

What a week! And everything revolved around U.S. politics. My sympathies for all PR pros everywhere; the news cycle has completely been hijacked by an election that will undoubtedly go down in history. It was an election that rather than give us a president proclaimed Canada as the winner; so much talk about people leaving the country gave our neighbor a trending opportunity of gold. New Balance also got into the mix through endorsing the new president-elect, upsetting masses that took it upon themselves to light their NB sneakers in flames. Lastly, one other takeaway from this election is how much everyone loves Mrs. O; Michelle for 2020!

The true winner of the U.S. election is… Canada!


Photo: CNBC.

Once Trump was declared the 45th U.S. president, people immediately flocked to Canada’s immigration website; so much that the site crashed overnight. All travel and lifestyle pubs immediately began publishing pieces about moving to Canada, visiting Canada and tagging our neighbor on anything and everything in between. The clear winner from this election fiasco is our maple-leafed friend. Before the election result many joked about moving north, however once the joke was on us, those conversations became very real and everyone wanted more information.


Photo: Huffington Post.

Canada suddenly became trending topic. To add to this momentum, celebrity endorsements were not shy. Miley Cyrus, Samuel Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg among many more have been quick in letting followers know that they do not support Trump and threatened to move if he won. Now that Trump has been proclaimed winner; these threats have catapulted Canada’s trending status to a level that the country could not have predicted. On social, Canada’s tourism bureau has been immediate in implementing a marketing strategy to appeal to new visitors. My recommendation is for them to continue building upon this and tap into all influencers possible. This your moment, C; it’s yours to shine!

For those of you that are still contemplating a move; this is what you need to know to move to Canada.

New Balance goes up in flames.


Photo: The Boston Globe.

Unless you’re Canada, this election is one mess businesses should shy away from, at least until things cool off for a bit. Footwear manufacturer New Balance instantly expressed their support for Trump after his win. NB supports the president-elect’s trade stance on the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The company’s demonstration of support was quickly met with public discuss. After more than half of the popular vote didn’t vote for Trump, enraged shoppers hit NB’s social accounts where they began attacking the brand calling for boycotts. Some users also shared photos and videos of their sneakers in the trash, toilet and on fire. Yes, NB has quite literally gone up in flames.

New Balance quickly released a statement after they felt they were unfairly vilified.

“As the only major company that still makes athletic shoes in the U.S., New Balance has a unique perspective on trade in that we want to make more shoes in the U.S., not less. New Balance publicly supported the trade positions of Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and Donald Trump prior to Election Day that focused on American manufacturing job creation and we continue to support them today.”

My reaction to NB’s statement is seriously? Are you really surprised? You said a positive thing about Trump when the public sees him as a villain. What did the brand honestly expect to see when they expressed support for Trump? Either your leadership or your PR team has done you wrong, NB. Your target audience, that can afford your shoes, is not the same as those who voted for Donald. There was some serious lack of planning, lack of strategy and major disconnect among your key demographics and your communication going on here. If this isn’t some bad PR; I have no idea what is. Poorly planned and poorly done, NB. You couldn’t wait a few more weeks? It’ll be interesting to see how the brand can recover. They weren’t even running for office and they inserted themselves into the mess. SMH.

The world keeps falling in love with Michelle O.


Photo: Vogue.

If there’s anything good to be taken from this year’s election it is our love for Michelle. Aside from being the best-dressed of all first ladies, she knew how to motivate her followers, connect on a personal level and was just all around lovable. Who doesn’t have a crush on her? Vogue realized this early on and struck gold when they released photos of their December cover. Talk about timeliness; Michelle couldn’t have been a more perfect cover star. “The first lady the world fell in love with,” talk about a cover line; could there be a more perfect and accurate tagline?

HyperFocal: 0

Photo: Vogue.

If Michelle is having a moment in the light, Vogue is striking gold with this. Michelle’s glow rambles on through public opinion with many social accounts campaigning for a #Michelle2020 campaign. If that’s not some damn good PR; I don’t know what is. Melania, you have some awfully big shoes to fill and quite honestly, I just don’t think you stand a chance; you’ll definitely need some reinvention. Following in Michelle’s footsteps is simply not an option for you.

This week in PR: Hillary Duff’s Halloween, Starbucks cups and country star Beyoncé.

The week kicked off with a Halloween spook in the form of Hillary Duff’s poor costume choice; a serious ‘WTF.’ The next day, Starbucks’s new seasonal cups were announced only to receive a negative backlash for not conveying enough seasonal cheer. However, Queen Bey knows how to make all things better the same way she also knows how to do to a country-genre crossover. Who knew Beyoncé at the Country Music Awards was the performance we’ve all been waiting for?

Continue reading “This week in PR: Hillary Duff’s Halloween, Starbucks cups and country star Beyoncé.”

This week in PR: VS goes to Paris, Chicago Cubs and oily legs.


The week kicked off with news that Victoria’s Secret will be taking its runway to Paris, a first that is bringing some much needed good PR to the eternal city of lights. The Chicago Cubs are having a legendary week of promotion as they enter the World Series, which probably left lotion, oil and paint manufacturers so speechless that when they were given the golden egg of ‘oily legs,’ they did not respond. Continue reading “This week in PR: VS goes to Paris, Chicago Cubs and oily legs.”

This Week in PR: M&M surprise, Versace and a real debate

This was a week of celebrations; kudos, PR teams; your message was well received. First, M&M commemorated its 75 anniversary with a new surprise flavor that left many shocked but more so intrigued. Next, if you thought you’d seen Michelle slay before you were wrong. She owned the Obama’s final state dinner in a dress that outshined her. Great job, Donatella! And last, can we get an amen for the final debate aka the first and only ‘real’ debate of this presidential election? Continue reading “This Week in PR: M&M surprise, Versace and a real debate”