Photo: NYFW Sept. 2017


NYFW S/S ’18 may now be in the past but its memories and friendships are always alive and present. Lots of new trends, a little street style, a meet and greet with W’s Editor In Chief Giovanna Battaglia and many skipped heart beats; here’s a photo story of my take on this season.


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Follow your heart, even if you have to pay

I’ve always been a believer of following your heart, from personal to professional, you’re never wrong if you’re true to yourself. At the start of the year I put this theory in action when I decided to enter the agency side of the PR world; a move that I constantly refer as to as one of my best. I’ve learned and grown so much since I transitioned; my brain is constantly fed with new-found wisdom and my heart smiles everyday as I journey into the office. I’m doing what I love but that move did not come without a price; $10,000 to be exact.

Switching jobs came with a pay cut, which for not one split second did I doubt. As a kid I was taught to dream and follow your passion and to not let money dictate your purpose. You can always go out and make some green when you need it but listening to that pulse within is the true compensation. Six months later I continue to stand by my decision. I recently spoke with CNBC to share my story. Below is an excerpt from my article.

Jon Salas, 28, recently took a big pay cut to leave the “cardboard dry culture” at a multinational human resources consulting firm where he felt isolated from bosses and colleagues. He accepted a job at a small public relations agency, where he could be heard by, and learn from, managers and different teams on a daily basis.

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“There wasn’t much opportunity for growth [at the previous employer]. The only way to go up was if someone left a position, and even then, you weren’t guaranteed the position,” said Salas, who now works as an assistant account executive at Hollywood PR in Boston, where the entire firm comes together every other week for strategy brainstorming sessions. Salas decided to take a $10,000 pay cut to go “where growth opportunities are available and attainable, and where the line of work fits into my overall long-term plans,” he said.

You can read the full piece titled “The new generation of employees would take less pay for these job perks,” on Special thanks to Yahoo! for the additional pick up on this story, which catapulted the impression count to 5.265 Billion.

Four Bad PR practices seen at NYFW and how to avoid them

New York Fashion Week may now be a memory as London takes center stage but its memories will live on, at least until February when they will become outdated and new runways, collections and faces will impress the fashion illuminati. I’m fortunate enough to return to Fashion Week for a third season as a production assistant. What do I do as a PA? I’m pretty much the glue that helps take a vision from idea to execution. That can be a variety of things from organizing seating, working with PR with marketing deliverables and buying lists, taming the zoo that is backstage and putting out any fires that may break out during the show. If I could only tell you about the shit show that Fashion Istanbul was this season. Seventeen models for five designers for a 20-minute show; bad idea. What am I saying? Terrible idea! Beyond terrible! That was like giving a squadron one 18th century pistol for everyone to share. In what mind does that make sense? Whose fault was that? A very bad PR agency whose name will not be named, unless you direct message me on Twitter @TheRunPublicist. I’ll give you the scoop there.

Seeing such a bad production made me think of what was the difference between great fashion PR and the ‘bad, please do not repeat ever again’ PR.

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