Robert Half

Photos: The Running Publicist.

In April of 2015 I joined global staffing firm and Fortune-admired company Robert Half as their East Coast Coordinator where I supported the company’s public relations presence in all of the major markets spanning from Maine to Louisiana. Primary responsibilities included establishing partnerships between the company and professional organizations, higher educational institutions and media contacts. A few of the successfully-formed partnerships include relationships between Robert Half and Boston University, DeVry University, Rutgers University, Southern New Hampshire University and a variety of local chapters with alliances including the Association of Legal Administrators, American Payroll Association, Financial Executives International, Help Desk Institute, Society of Certified Public Accountants and numerous state technology councils. In the role, I was also an integral member in producing events including round-table panels.

Photos: The Running Publicist.

In addition to public relations, social media and presentation preparation, the role has served as a platform for other developments including video and photography. Through collaborating with the company’s editorial and creative teams, I have solely filmed and produced the below regional campaign video titled “Your Robert Half.” In addition to the video I have provided photography services for published materials including the company’s quarterly employee and investor newsletter, Robert Half Times.

One of my favorite perks of the job was flexing my writing biceps with local media outlets as a reoccurring ghost writer for regional leadership. I have no problem giving up the credit; the vernacular jigsaw experience is solely mine. Below are excerpts from a few of my favorite pieces.

Gaming at work: Pokémon Go or Pokémon No?

“Chances are that by now you know what a Pikachu or Rattata is; there’s even a chance that you might’ve caught one already. Pokémania has revolutionized the gaming world overnight and it seems there’s a recharge zone or a Pokémon hotspot just about everywhere, including your office. But as tempting as it may be to “catch ’em all,” is gaming in the workplace acceptable?”

To read the full debate about Pikachu at the office head over to the Hartford Business Journal.

Office Space: Hugging in the workplace is becoming more acceptable

“Is hugging the new handshake?”

You thought I’d give you more? This one’s too fun for a spoiler alert. Get the full scoop over at Reading Eagle Business Weekly.

Office Space: Summer dress codes: Don’t let your career flip-flop

“As summer days get warmer and longer, sleeves and skirts get shorter and looser.

But before you decide to wear flip-flops to work tomorrow, stop for a second and read this: According to a recent Robert Half survey, 57 percent of human resource managers said their companies offer a more relaxed summer dress code. But toeing the line between casual and inappropriate can make the difference when it comes to moving up at your company.”

Of course I was going to include one with a fashion spin, especially if it has do’s and don’ts. This one’s also online courtesy of our friends at Reading Eagle.