A Boston Winter

Three days ago I was texting a close friend who lives in the South and telling her that the Northeast has been snow deprived this and last winter. As I concluded the message I joked about how I was probably jinxing the weather and the next day would bring a blizzard. It turns out the joke was on me.



From noon to midnight with sub-20 degree weather, Mother Nature clearly had a laugh as she dumped over 10 inches of snow in my neighborhood. While I’m not a fan of freezing or snow during a morning commute, I will admit that I enjoy the serenity and beauty that can only be seen in an untouched winter landscape. Luckily this all happened during my weekend downtime although it looks like there may be more snowflakes en route during the week.



Rather than focus on the weather, I decided to take a stroll through to what was before yesterday an empty field. It’s amazing how a little bit of winter can completely change everything. Sure, it can bring on a ton of inconveniences but it can also bring so much beauty. Given, this beauty is temporary; chances are that within the next two days this will all be a slushy nightmare. Be warned that wearing any sort of suede shoes is a gamble these days. If the snow is fluffy, you’re flirting with ruining them but if it’s melting, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Stick to leather or if you must, pull out the traditional rubber-toed winter boots.


And don’t forget the gloves. Tomorrow I’m waking up to 5 degrees and although jewelry is meant to be shown off, I’ll be trading it in for a second skin of hand protection. Rings are great but with frost-bitten fingers you won’t have much of a place to sport them.


Cheers to a nice winter season, my friends; stay warm and look cool!


Wearing: H&M turtleneck, white t-shirt and coat, All Saints cashmere cardigan, Zara slim-fit trousers and trench coat belt, Aldo leather chelsea boots, Calvin Klein calf-skin gloves and Ray-Ban sunglasses

Location: North Commons, Quincy, MA (South Boston)



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