Hair Guide For Men: Medium Brush Over

GQ recently wrote an article asking men to forget this year’s trending undercut hair styles and prepare for next summer with a few extra inches of length. Growing at about half to three-quarter inches a month, it’s very possible for a guy who begins growing out their hair at new year’s to have a good medium length come summer. Once medium hair status is achieved the dilemma of styling options will begin, which is why I decided to share a 60-second tutorial for a medium brush over style. This is a quick and easy way to dress up your hair for any occasion, and it doesn’t even take 10 minutes to prep. Happy styling!

Step 1: After towel-drying your hair, comb it down. Your hair must still be somewhat damp or else it will not conform to the next steps.


Step 2: After you comb out your hair, divide the front portion into about half-inch chunks or sections. Take each of these sections and wrap them around a round brush. Think of this section like the old-school curlers, you want your hair to tightly and fully embrace the brush.


Step 3: Once your hair is fully hugging the brush, bring out the blow-dryer and dry your hair as it rests on the brush. Once you have dried your hair on the brush, begin pulling the brush away from your scalp, thus stretching your hair. Dry your hair as you stretch it out until it has all fallen off the brush.


Step 4: Your hair should now be fully dry and with a volume that makes you wonder if you can make this big, what other things you can do big in life. As all big things, your hair must also be tamed. Pull out a pomade or any hair styling cream of your choice, although I highly recommend Bumble & Bumble’s Sumotec. This is not a product placement and it doesn’t have to be because once you try it, you’ll see why it works on so many levels. I don’t think  I can go back to any other styling product.


Step 5: Only use a dime-size drop of your styling creme and comb it through with your hands. This is why I highly recommend Sumotec because it really does help keep your hair in whatever shape and direction you mold it. Feel free to use a brush to help comb it through, although your hands will suffice. If you expect to go out and it’s windy, a spritz of Tresemme Tres Two extra-hold hairspray can also help but otherwise I suggest going without. You’ll want the ability to slick your fingers through your hair and it still keep its shape; less is more.


And voila!



Watch it all in 60 seconds…

Wardrobe: All Saints cashmere cardigan, Zara v-neck, custom jewelry
Hair Product: Bumble & Bumble Sumotec and Tresemme Tres Two extra-hold hairspray



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