Photo: A Day At The Museum


They say ‘a picture is worth a thousand words,’ so I thought I’d let a few of my pics from my recent visit to the Museum of Fine Arts tell the story. I will point out that after visiting a few temples of art, the MFA undoubtedly houses one of the most interesting and impressive collections of all types of masterpieces; from Egyptian to Contemporary and everything sprinkled in between, this place is pretty complete. My personal fave is the Impressionist wing. They told me that Cezanne, Renoir and Vincent Van G would be warm, welcoming hosts and they weren’t kidding. I enjoyed my time with them so much that I will be returning soon. I highly recommend, even for those that aren’t so fond of fine arts; there’s absolutely something for everyone here. Don’t worry if you failed art appreciation. I get it; there’s too many complex terms, but whether you remember them or not you can still gawk at some marvels and walk away with some inspiration or new ideas of your own.




Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

All photos: The Running Publicist.

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