This week in PR: Oreo makes world a sweeter place, Mc D’s is better with Nutella and mannequins everywhere!

If last week was depressing with politics to the point that we wanted to lock ourselves in our room and never leaves the house, life has heard our cries reminded us these past few days that it’s not such a bad world out there after all. In fact, some might say it’s pretty sweet. Oreo stepped up to the plate and introduced us to its new chocolate candy bar. Mc Donald’s followed suit and gave us a new ‘sweet’ burger and the world is giving us mannequins everywhere!

Oreo gives us the surprise we didn’t know we needed!


Photo: Today.

If there’s anything better than a surprise it’s a surprise that we didn’t know existed, or in this case was knew was possible! Well played, Oreo!

It seems that what-we-thought-was-perfect cookie giant has paired up with chocolatier Milka in producing an Oreo chocolate crunch bar, which get this; it’s now available everywhere! The product officially launches on Nov. 14. I suddenly have a need to hit up 7-eleven on my way home; care to join?

Photo: Today.

This is a brilliant move for Oreo and even better for Milka. Milka’s sales will sky rocket but for the Oreo brand, this reinvents the cookie itself. There are those who dunk the cookie in milk, as a whole; then there are those to twist the cookie into two. Having a cookie bar changes everything; it’s Oreo in a way we never imagined. I don’t kid when I say that this has reinvented Oreo as brand. Nutter Butter and Wafers; I feel bad for you; you’re quite boring next to Oreo. I’d suggest looking within and considering a new strategy to make your products fun. Who doesn’t want to try this bar? Aside from becoming the leader in the cookie industry; can we add chocolate bars to that list as well? Twix and Snickers, you really have to get clever here because Oreo has just entered your terrirtoty. Oreo’s new cookie chocolate bar is more than just a new treat; it has face planted the cookie and chocolate product markets. We have a product that has done a crossover between both sectors, however its competition is not even close to imitating this move.

From a PR and ad standpoint, I foresee a request or proposal or two from some of our favorite brands; they have to compete with Oreo’s move and honestly whatever they’re doing is just not enough. Our favorite products, pre-Oreo bar, can certainly be louder but when something is just plain cool; no amount of shouting can compete. Well done, Oreo; well done!


Photo: Today.

Disclaimer; this post was written before I tried the bar, therefore if you do not see this post tomorrow morning, then you will know exactly how I feel about it.

Mc Donald’s tastes better with Nutella.


Photo: Buzzfeed.

If Oreo is reinventing its cookie, Mc Donald’s is reinventing fast-food burgers? Yes, please allow me to introduce you to Sweety, Mc D’s answer to the world’s love for our favorite hazelnut spread, Nutella. Sweety is a sweet bun filled with creamy oozing, you guessed it, Nutella!

I never thought in my life that I would combine the spread and the double arches in the same sentence, much less in a subconscious thought, however for being so unobvious, this seems perfectly obvious and brilliant! The burger giant is experimenting the product with a large Nutella fan base market, Italy. Our pals in Milan, Palermo and Rome with every ville in between can now pull up to any double arches in the tri-colored nation and order a Sweety to go with a side Big-Mac. The burger is now the side dish as something this great clearly takes our full focus. Regardless of what we were taught as kids, desserts can be meals; just don’t tell the dentist!


Photo: Buzzfeed.

McDonald’s is never short of attention; a brand so big always has a headline running somewhere someplace, however this just magnifies the restaurant chain’s power. If they were at the top of our junk food leader board; they’re now perhaps our favorite dive-in dessert-to-go destination. Something so great and so big makes you wonder if there’s something they’re trying to cover up. As much as my investigative sense would love to find out, I still can’t get over what they’ve done here.

Sweety is exactly that; it’s sweet to Mc D’s image. The media is loving it, Italians are enamored and sharing even more love about it online, and for everyone else in the 190 plus nations that still have to wait; the buildup is real.  This is a wonderful PR move to build excitement for a brand that has become as exciting as a Vanilla wafer. Mc D’s, you have our attention and somewhat a bit of control over us; now don’t abuse it and drop us a Us and rest-of-world arrival date.

In the interim, if you need to fill your Nutella needs with other treats; you can try these.

Photo: Forbes.



Photo: NBA.

Brands and businesses, this is your final warning to jump on the mannequin challenge. Come next week you will be beyond too late to join the party so take advantage of this precious time. This is a chance for you to showcase your company’s fun culture and possibly create content that would compel your followers to share. It’s also a creative opportunity to subliminally sell your product or services and show that world what you’re about.

Take note from luxury retailer Neiman Marcus, which launched their #mannequinxNM contest. This is a brilliant spin off from the viral trend that invites followers and customers alike to take a video at a NM store in complete stillness doing exactly what the challenge implies, be a mannequin. Participants then upload their video to their social media feeds with the campaign hashtag and are automatically entered for a chance to win a variety of prizes. This is PR gold for all retailers as where else will people legitimately find mannequins outside of the challenge? Something so obvious is so genius. I’m wondering what other brands are waiting for to jump on the trend.


Photo: Neiman Marcus.

Since it is a trend, the mannequin challenge is pretty open to all others as long as they strike while it’s hot; any challenge uploaded a month from now will be so stale and lame. Hollywood and notables are jumping on the fun, we’ve seen the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, queen Bey and even Hillary Clinton tackle the challenge. We’ve also witnessed social groups freeze in order to promote their social causes; a popular spin on the challenge was the Black Lives Matter movement that recreated a scene of street confrontations between police and civilians; talk about using a trend to make a statement.

In case you’ve been living under a rock or if you just want to enjoy a few good challenges, below are three top picks.

Video: NBA.

Video: Lego.

Video: The Rock.

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