Photo: Boston Foliage


Many may hike up to Vermont and New Hampshire to catch the first leaves of the season turning bright hues of red, orange, yellow and every variation in between. As the patient Libra I am I waited for them to come to me and I was not disappointed. A few miles south  of Boston is a piece of natural paradise that serves as an oasis from everything we know to be part of our day-to-day life. The Blue Hills Reservation are a slice of tranquility where technology and car exhaust do not exist; I tried Snapping on my phone and my signal was zero so I mean it when I say that technology has no place here. Luckily I had my camera on hand and was able to catch a glimpse of nature in its full splendor. Rather than tell you how vibrant the scene was I thought I’d show you.




PS- The leaves barely began changing color the first weekend of November so if you’re in the Boston are anytime until mid-November, you still have a shot to go ‘leafing’ and experience a seasonal splendor that is only rivaled by the first tulips of spring.

Location: Blue Hills Reservation, Milton (South Boston), Mass.

(Photos: The Running Publicist.)

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