This week in PR: VS goes to Paris, Chicago Cubs and oily legs.


The week kicked off with news that Victoria’s Secret will be taking its runway to Paris, a first that is bringing some much needed good PR to the eternal city of lights. The Chicago Cubs are having a legendary week of promotion as they enter the World Series, which probably left lotion, oil and paint manufacturers so speechless that when they were given the golden egg of ‘oily legs,’ they did not respond.

Paris gets its Victoria’s Secret wings.


Photo: Mirror.

Who is the real winner, Paris or Victoria’s Secret? The lingerie label announced that they were taking their annual show to Champs Elysees this year.  If last year’s set in London is any indication of what this means for Paris, then the city should expect a little sprinkle of good, sexy PR. Not that Paris needs a lot of help; it’s one of those cities that is just built to attract, however with recent terror events and heists happening throughout France, this could help soften and reinforce the city’s security. Kim K’s robbery had us really questioning how safe Paris may be if she was robbed. Sadly this was what raised a major question mark in our minds, not Bataclan or Charlie Hebdo. We forget quickly, don’t we?


Photo: Mirror.

The city will definitely benefit when the angels arrive; if you haven’t already, French tourism bureau, get your engines started. As for Victoria’s Secret, great strategy in keeping with the trend of travelling fashion shows. We’re seeing more and more brands take their special collections abroad when debuting them to the media. Karl took Chanel to Havana, Nicholas took LV down to Rio and Rebecca Minkoff took her SS17 show outside to the streets of New York. The cards are definitely in your favor, VS. Below are a few recommendations of where you could and should do the show.

  • Champs Elysees – yes, close down the boulevard and take the show outdoors.
  • Place de Trocadero – same as above; take it outside.
  • Grand Palais – If it works for Karl, it should work for you. One tip, make it very French.

The Chicago Cubs have a good story going on.


Photo: ABC News.

The Cubs are having a great week; it seems wherever you look there is a story written up about them, and they all tend to come with a positive tone. How could they not? The Cubs have the ultimate underdog story backing them up. The Chicago team is making a historic appearance at this year’s World Series after a 71 year absence from the baseball final. The last time the blue-and-white team made a WS appearance was in 1945. I have no Chicago or baseball connection and I find myself rooting for them; the media is being very good to you, CC; please don’t disappoint.


Photo: US Weekly.

I’m not the only one rooting for the Chicago squad, aside from their legion of fans, several unrelated celebrities are pulling for the team. I was watching Live with Kelly when it really struck me how folks are cheering on the Cubs for their story and not necessarily for their game. Kelly admitted how she doesn’t have a connection to the team but she is sending her best wishes their way and I could relate to her message. The team’s PR team has been able to weave this story that has caught America’s heart. My empathy goes out to Cleveland because a win from them would be the ending that no one wants. It may be well deserved but certainly unpopular. Businesses take note, now’s your time to piggy back of the Cubs. Get your messages ready in the event they win but also plan accordingly if the team doesn’t pull through at the end.

Jergens, where were you?


Photo: Telegraph.

This week the internet gave us the biggest optical illusion sensation we’ve seen since ‘The Dress.” It came in the formal of a picture of legs with what is debatably white paint markings or shinning marks from their lather. What is it? Oily legs or white paint? That’s for you to decide and for PR teams to see the opportunity in it. This viral surprise had Jergen’s name written all over it as well as brands that work with paint and body lubricants, however when searching through the social media feeds of Olay, Behr paint, Sherwin Williams, K-Y and other similar brands my jaw dropped that there was silence. No major brand jumped on this opportunity. Come on aloe vera product manufacturers, why didn’t you jump on this? This could’ve been your chance to reintroduce us to the plant serum and its benefits. Rather than wondering what the picture is, I know find myself questioning who is manning the social media of these brands. A gift like this only comes once in a lifetime; so much missed potential. Tisk, tisk.

By the way, the picture is of white paint marks.

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