A Harbor Goodbye


My name is Jon and I like long walks on the beach; well, sort of. I actually prefer a run on the beach but my pace on the beach is dependent on my attire. Running with a button-up and with oxfords isn’t exactly the most comfortable jogging gear. As I was arriving home from a day of work I decided to take one last stroll along Boston’s harbor before weather ruins the ambiance for me. Forties and beach just don’t quite go well together so I made the most of my last seventy-degree day of the year.




I paid a visit to Wollaston Beach where I immediately kicked off my shoes and embraced the sand in every crevice in between my toes. The feeling was as nostalgic as it was exfoliating. I knew this was the last time I’d be on the beach for the year so I cherished every grain of sand as well as its skin-polishing properties. I slowly inched my way closer to the water where the waves serenaded my skin with a somber song as if saying ‘do not forget me.’ It was an intimate moment between me and the Atlantic. The sun gave us privacy as it began casting a sky of pinks and purples that eventually turned into black. I knew with every dark hue my farewell was nearing its end.


Thank you for all the wonderful memories we created this past summer; from Fourth of July to my 5 a.m. runs. I love the beach but part of loving is also letting go; see you next year, my friend, the sea.



Wearing: H&M Slim-fit navy shirt and oxfords, Zara belt and trousers, Aldo jewelry, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Location: Wollaston Beach, Quincy, MA (South Boston)

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