This Week in PR: Kim K, VP who? and SNL

The week started with a bang, or luckily without one. Kim K was undoubtedly one of the most-heard stories not only of the week but perhaps the year. Where was Liam Neeson to save the day? With so much to talk about Kim’s heist, something had to give, which is exactly what happened at the VP debate. I’m sorry if you wasted your time watching; it was more of an example of missed opportunities and what not to do than a night of persuasion. Someone or someones who are making good use of opportunities are the SNL team. Second to Kim, this has been their week.


Fire you PR team, Kim; they handled everything wrong.

Photo: Harper’s BAZAAR.

There’s no doubt that Kim hijacked the media the way the robbers stole her jewels. I can’t think of one outlet that did not report on the heist and if they didn’t, what were they thinking? This is media gold! Sorry, Kim; the situation is very unfortunate and I hope you recover but this is the kind of story that comes only once in a blue moon. You have the world’s biggest icon in a situation that seems straight out of Liam Neeson film; for a moment Kim was ‘Taken.’ However, that crisis was easily solved; there were a few bullets exchanged followed by a rescue; easily solved. However, in reality, things are a little more complex for KK.

Kim was successfully rescued and able to return home, however the fact that her story became public discussion on whether it was authentic or premeditated was not the happy ending she might’ve hoped for. The first mistake came while communicating the events through an unidentified spokesperson. Big no! Be transparent! Why hide? This came off as very shady and suspicious. Secondly, it’s understandable that she wanted to go home but if I was her publicist I would’ve relocated her to another residence in Paris at least until Paris Fashion Week fully concluded. You look strong; you refuse to be the victim; people will applaud you for your heroism rather than fleeing. Her story received scrutiny for the immediate departure to the states. Given, the client, in this case Kim, probably was non-negotiable but her PR Prince Simon Huck should’ve played out all scenarios according to their effect with the media. He should’ve hit on all of the benefits that would’ve come from her staying in France. I completely get “safety first;” this post is not about that; remember this is a PR dissection or in this case this biggest miss of a lifetime.

Imagine Kim arriving to Karl’s show on Wednesday and sitting front row. The cameras would’ve been all over her. Everyone was already talking about her but headlines would instead read “Kim looking strong after robbery,” “Kim K, the true star at Paris Fashion Week,” and “Kim proves that being fearless never goes out of style.” Instead what do we have? “Kim Kardashian Is Still “Really Freaked Out” by Paris Robbery, “Shocked” Thieves Haven’t Been Caught,” “Kim Kardashian’s new mantra: If you got it, don’t flaunt it,” and “Kim Kardashian’s BFF Jonathan Cheban: She’s ‘Not So Good’ After Paris Robbery.”

Photo: The Daily Beast.

I completely empathize with you, Kim but you just gave up being a hero and went from vixen to victim. This would’ve taken the attention off of what you have and channel it on who you are, a fighter. Instead everyone is focused on the jewels and their worth, garnering you a rep of a modern Marie Antoinette. We all remember how that ended, don’t we? You have the Versailles connection, too. Team K, I ask you to reconsider your PR strategy. Kris, I used to think you were the epitome of the most-perfect and best publicist; you’ve proved me wrong.


Who wasted their time on the VP debate?

Photo: The New York Times.

First off, why were they seated? So weak; so wrong.

After banging my head against the wall I had to Google Kaine’s first name to write this part up; it’s not his fault nor Mike Pence’s fault. To be honest, they both don’t stand a chance before public interest with the presidential nominees taking all of the light, for the wrong reasons. The one takeaway that can be said about this debate is that neither made a splash nor was as strong suit for persuading undecided voters. What can you expect from a VP debate; of course they’re going to reiterate what their counterpart’s are saying. There was no notable lasting impression; it was very bland, tasteless and boring. For being second-in-line they have to up the ante and there was none of that. This is also a good opportunity to compensate for the weaknesses of the presidential nominees. Pence could’ve been softer and had people fall in love with him rather than be a minion of Trump’s. Kaine, you should’ve given me life! This was the chance to be the life of your party, and that you were not. With such a bad strategy, I wonder why I even watched.

Being VP is a wonderful opportunity to put the ying to the prez nominee’s yang. Voters are electing a couple therefore the parties must be seen as a couple. Here’s where you know all strategies are wrong; the public probably enjoys and sees Hillary and Trump as a couple and would rather see them in office together than apart. I’d pay to see them in action making a high-level stress decision. I’m sorry Kim K. I was a loyal viewer but keeping up with Donald and Hillary is irresistibly appetizing.

In case you were wondering, Kaine’s first name is Tim.


Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, SNL.

Photo: US Weekly.

If there’s one clear winner coming out of Election 2016 it is Saturday Night Live. The election is producing countless opportunities for memes and content and the weekend program is running with it. The announcement of Alec Baldwin to reprise the role of Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump was a stellar decision; who else can pull of his jaw-drops, homicidal side eye and theatrical expressions? Your content does not go unnoticed, SNL. The Baldwin skits were picked up by the media and became public discussion. Even lady-in-red Hillary gave a shout out to the show for a “perfect” impersonation. That’s reason one on why everyone’s talking about SNL.

Reason two is part of Lin Manuel Miranda’s takeover of everything this week. He rightfully deserves his own dissection on why his PR is working, however in the grand scheme of things he is a contributor to the Saturday-night program success. Great job on casting him as host, SNL. The Hamilton-star became trending topic since creating and starring in his Broadway musical. Coming off of that success comes this B-12 shot to host a program that has notable alumni including the two presidential nominees it now mocks. Lin Manuel and SNL is natural combination, you’re giving the people two things they enjoy, all at once. Kudos on getting it right, SNL; you’re trending this week!

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