This Week in PR: Debate 2016, Lady Gaga and Ryan Lochte

So many events and jaw-dropping O-M-G moments have happened during the past three-week PR analysis hiatus. NYFW demands more than 24 hours in a day, so after returning from a spectacular SS17 season and injecting a little B-12 in to the site; we’re back on a roll. What better week to return than on a week where the Donald and Hillary face off, Lady Gaga announces a global stage for her next show and did Lochte do what was professed and become likable again?

Nothing happens in a vacuum (Debate 2016 Round 1 flops)


Photo: Mashable.

What a first round of a presidential debate; to think our nation’s leader is one of these two. I’m not going to dissect who did better or won; for the real winner you can check out my Debate 2016 recap. What I will touch on is how this was a missed opportunity for both candidates. There was so much noise created by both sides that you undeniably found yourself thinking about them at some point during the week. There lies the problem; you thought about “them,” not as individuals. They’ve almost become America’s most loved-hated power duo. You have the playground bully and the teacher’s pet; tensions are there and they’re fun to watch. With so much spectacle happening between the two; their noise was drowned by the other; essentially giving life to the age-old saying that nothing happens in a vacuum.

Did they persuade any new potential voters? Hard to tell but my vote would be no. Donald’s handicap is himself; Hillary is letting him drown his boat but what she hasn’t realized is that in him doing that, he is taking her down with him. My recommendation for round two would be a new strategy for both. The key to effective persuasion is to have the public think differently about them. I would suggest that Hillary be more vicious and take digs and get nasty; she seems too reactive and collected that you almost find her unbelievable and, cough, boring. Donald should probably continue his nasty persona; people like seeing him throwing shade but he needs to control the detonations and explode on her not auto-implode.  These are just a few suggestions because what they’re doing is not working. The media is reflecting the vacuum analogy as so much is being written on the debate and both candidates but nothing is being actually digested by the public. They’re writing a lot but nothing is being said. The top headline should not be how “they” switched “their” color choice for attire. Let’s see what round two beings; as of now we have a tie.


New Lady Gaga concert confirmed aka Super Bowl LI


Photo: Hollywood Reporter.

Let’s face it, the Super Bowl doesn’t matter to football fans until about a month or two before, so anything linked to it now is not promotion for the teams that will participate but rather for those approximately 115 million viewers that will tune in during Halftime show. The NFL confirmed this week that Lady Gaga will perform after the second quarter. A side note, Lady Gaga has been campaigning to perform since Katy Perry was awarded the stage two years ago.

This comes at an optimal time for the New York-native songstress as she is releasing her fifth studio-album titles, Joanne, in late October. The most certain thing is that she’ll release another single between now and Feb. 5 and during or around Halftime she will announce an upcoming tour. Let’s remember what Bey did with Lemonade; the first commercial immediately following her performance last year in San Francisco was an announcement by Live Nation about the Formation World Tour. Lady Gaga, congratulations! By securing the Super Bowl you just secured yourself five months of media coverage. You were going quiet for a minute but with this you will resurface to the top of our Twitter trending feeds. New album, new tour and Super Bowl LI; Gaga is going to have a hell of a year! She probably should’ve named her album Jupiter, because it looks like the planet of expansion is in her sign.


Lochte, I like you now but just a little bit.


Photo: ABC News.

A month ago Lochte left Rio on our sh*tlists but to no surprise, ABC’s magic wand is transforming his public perception. A pair of disgruntled viewers charged at him during the first episode of Dancing with the Stars, which I totally understand; he was America’s most loathed at the moment. However, two wrongs don’t make a right and it seems this pair may have built an argument of sympathy for Lochte. Viewers felt bad about how he was treated and thus the media began reporting to the point that the couple who stormed the stage will now be charged. According to ABC News, the two men could face six months of jail-time and a $1,000 fine, all in vain, because people are starting to forget about Lochtegate.


Photo: ABC News.

ABC is playing the persuasion cards very well in his favor. On Tuesday night’s results episode, Lochte’s grandmother made an appearance where viewers saw her reactions to her grandson’s performance. A 90-something granny is compelling on so many levels; well done, ABC. You know how to use emotion. Now if you can just score a few perfect 10’s; people will begin rooting for you. I foresee two things happening here, Lochte’s salsa and tango skills will massively improve, which will help him move along. The more we see him on TV, the more we will fall in love with him. The guy has charm; he just makes bad decisions. The next thing I foresee is that ABC will give him the tools to go for an emotional jugular. The DWTS producers and Lochte’s publicist will keep weaving a compelling story-line where he will say things and bring up social causes that will make viewers forget about him as a douche bag and see him as a heartthrob. Good looks and a sweet person; all he needs is a great story-line. This is a PR lesson in public image crisis management; a perfect PR execution will get him the mirror-ball trophy come November.

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