This Week in PR: Rihanna, Lochte and Trump

As long as people are breathing, stories will be happening and this all makes for PR gold. This is the first post in a series of weekly recaps that will analyze all of the pop culture happenings from the previous week with a PR microscope. To kick of this series what better than some heavy hitting names: Rihanna, Michael Lochte and “The Donald.”

And the award for best PR at the VMA’s goes to…

Rihanna HBA VMA

Image courtesy of

Hood by Air. Rihanna might have dazzled and wowed audiences with her power-hit-packed medleys and always-eccentric performances; she may even have outdone Bey as show woman of the night. Yes that is debatable but what is not is that the breakout star from her performance was the label she wore as she opened the show. This is the dream of any retailer; have one of the biggest names in culture wear and celebrate your name, billboard-style, in front of millions of viewers. You don’t get more PR than that! I’m curious to see what Hood’s sales are on that vintage-style graphic cookie ringer bodysuit. Retailing at $215, this is probably the most affordable opportunity anyone has of sharing Rih’s wardrobe. It’s no surprise that the bodysuit reads as sold out on the HBA site. To conclude, this is definitely a win for HBA and is creating a great buzz ahead of their New York Fashion Week show next week. Whatever the steps were they took to pitch the songstress to wear their piece; they need to keep repeating. All other labels, please take notice.

Second chances do exist…

Lochte DWTS

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Ryan Lochte, you are a lucky man; don’t screw it up! As soon as you thought that Locht’s was going to be buried alive in humiliation and remorse; an ABC Godmother asked him what he most wanted in life to which he responded “a second chance.” She asked him to close his eyes, she waved her wand on Tuesday, Aug. 30 she granted him his wish. Lochte was named to the castoff the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Poor guy; Lochte did what everyone at some point has done in life; get blackout drunk and regret it the following morning. However he totally got busted and unfortunately being a public figure only blew it up to be worse than any nightmare he could ever imagine; we know the rest.

This opp on the popular primetime show is undoubtedly his chance to bounce back. He’s already favored to do well; being paired with past champ Cheryl Burke says a lot. You now have her being interviewed by media on his performance during rehearsals to which she responds with liners such as “admirable work ethic” and “I think everyone should give him a second chance.” If there’s anything more validating than an apology is having a third-party endorsement. With Cheryl and ABC backing him, I forecast that in a few weeks Ryan will go from douche bag to debonair. How’s that for doing a complete 180? Please thank your publicist, Ryan; they’re a genius and a lifesaver.

(Struggling with words) somebody please explain…

Trump Mexico

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Politics aside; whether you like or hate Donald; this post is irrelevant to all of that banter. This is more of a dissection of what just happened when Trump recently visited Mexico. It’s no secret that the billionaire mogul has been advised to restructure his strategy and antics. It’s also no secret that he has used some questionable vernacular when describing Mexicans and discussing immigration, which prompts the question of why Mexico would invite him to meet with their president. At first glance, this seemed surreal like Trump is really a changed man and perhaps is trying to get some good PR brownie points. Was it true? Was he going to apologize to a nation he has offended?

The answer is no. It seems like the business-man went to Mexico for some camera time. Sure, he received tons of media coverage; the exposure is undeniable but what was his message? I’m not sure he really said or did anything except smile and shake Pena Nieto’s hand. The meeting seems like it was more for show and less about diplomacy; let’s remember that Donald has still not been elected; in fact as of today he is trailing Clinton in the polls. So what was the purpose of this press conference? You tell me? If you have any ideas, please tweet me @TheRunPublicist; this is one enigmatic mystery I would like solved.

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